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Introduction to Studio Flash Photography

Workshop information

Facilitator: Dash Productions


Discover the art of controlling light in a studio environment. Learn about different light sources, quality, setups, modifiers, and ratios to create stunning portraits. Get ready to capture the essence of your subjects like never before.


Lighting Equipment

Lighting Setups & Ratios

Portrait Lighting Techniques

High Speed Sync HSS

Tools Needed:

Camera & Trigger

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Workshop information

Studio Lighting Fundamentals for Videos is an essential course designed to equip aspiring videographers and content creators with the fundamental skills needed to master the art of lighting in a studio setting. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, this course offers a comprehensive exploration of the principles and techniques used to achieve stunning visual effects in videos.


Through expert-led instruction, you will learn how to manipulate light to create various moods, atmospheres, and styles, enhancing the overall quality of your video productions. From understanding the different types of lighting equipment to effectively controlling shadows and highlights, this course covers all aspects of lighting setup and composition to make your videos truly stand out.


Join us in this immersive Studio Lighting Fundamentals for Videos course and unlock the power of lighting to take your video creations to new heights. Get ready to elevate your storytelling and captivate your audience with professionally lit, visually striking videos.

These Lessons will be Covered.

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Understanding the basics of lighting equipment and terminology.

Types of Lights

Learning about various light sources, their characteristics, and applications.

Key Lighting Techniques

Exploring key lighting setups for different video scenarios.

Three-Point Lighting

Applying the classic three-point lighting technique to create dimension in videos.


Mastering the use of backlighting to separate subjects from the background.

Lighting for Interviews

Techniques for lighting subjects during interviews and on- camera presentations.

Fill Lighting

Understanding how fill lights complement the key light and influence the mood of a scene.

Lighting for Product Videos

Strategies for showcasing products effectively with lighting.

Creating Mood with Lighting

Exploring how lighting can set the tone and atmosphere of a video.

Practical Exercises

Hands-on practice sessions to apply the learned techniques.

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